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Chipped DiamondMaster Diamond Cutters

Over 30 Years of Diamond Cutting Experience!

We Recut and Repair Diamonds to Maximize Their Value

We have been in the wholesale diamonds business since 1991. From 1999, we have been providing online service to re-cut, re-polish or repair pre-owned diamonds. We cut diamonds, polish and fix chipped, scratched or broken diamonds to optimize their look and value. We are members of the Better Business Bureau (A+ rated) and Jewelers Vigilance Committee. Our main office and factory location are in the NY Diamond District (Click for Location Map).


On-site facilities equipped to handle rough or polished loose stones bulletRepair broken, scratched, chipped or burnt diamonds
bulletCut and polish rough diamonds for optimal quality and yield
bulletCustom loose diamond cutting in all shapes and sizes
bulletRecut to ideal, excellent proportions
bulletRecut Old-Mine and European cuts

bulletClarity enhancement, laser drilling or deep diamond boiling
bulletImprove clarity, shape and cut parameters

Free consultation on damaged or rough diamonds
Diamond Cutting Factory On-site facility

Pricing Information Request

  • Minor diamond repairs, repolishing or Faceting:
0.50 to 1.0ct..........................$170 per stone Over 1.0ct.............................$170 per carat
  • Major diamond re-cut or re-shape (Rounds, Fancies, Old cuts):
0.50 to 1.0ct..........................$220 per stone Over 1.0ct.............................$220 per carat
  • Cut/Polish diamond-rough (Rounds, Fancies):
0.50 to 1.00ct..........................$270 per stone Over 1.00ct.............................$270 per carat
  • Laser Sawing diamond-rough (Rounds, Fancies):
0.50 to 1.00ct..........................$50 per stone Over 1.00ct.............................$50 per carat
  • Custom diamond cutting and rush services*:
Excellent, ideal cut proportions Conventional or laser sawing Diamonds acid boiling * Additional fees apply
  • Liability Statement:
    Your diamond is insured against loss or theft for your prespecified value while it’s in our premise. Though it is extremely rare, diamond cutting has and inherent small risk of breakage or damage during the process. We take the upmost care of your diamond while working on it but, we are not liable for any damage incurring during the cutting process. For more information see: Policy and Guarantee
  • Costs are based on original weight and are not refundable.

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Diamond Cutting and Diamond Repair Service:

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BBB Review (3/18/2018)
Working with Ron was an absolute pleasure. I'll shamelessly admit to being a total amateur concerning diamonds. I was hesitant of shipping my diamond to #1 Diamond Source without being able to visit the shop in person. But I did research on the business and Ron and every detail I found was consistent with who he said he was and what he said he does. And so I sent him my diamond. Ron was informative and helpful during the process. He was also honest, which is always a relief. From my limited knowledge, I knew of a few techniques of improving a diamond's appearance, and when I inquired about one such technique, he laughingly said he'd accept my money but that he recommended NOT carrying out that technique. From my experience, he is a down to earth individual who knows his stuff. Saying I was thoroughly impressed with the final product would be an understatement. I could not get over how the color and clarity had improved. This was a fantastic investment.
-- Michael (from Pasadena, TX)

Hi Ron,
The re-cut diamond just arrived and it looks magnificent. Thank you for the wonderful service and quality of workmanship. I will definitely recommend you to friends and others in the trade. I get a fair number of inquiries from people looking for diamond repair work, and will send them all your way since I only cut colored stones and not diamonds.
-- Daniel (in 2016)
Gemstones cutter from Cheswold, DE

Hi Ron,
The diamonds arrived safely. Please post this on your wall of fame. You and your team did a fantastic job re-cutting my diamonds! They are beautiful full modern-brilliants that will make any woman smile (and me too, since I will be the one selling the stones!). Your team was exceptionally courteous and I intend to be a loyal lifelong customer.
Thanks Again,
Eric (in 2002) from PoshRocks, MA

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CORPORATE OFFICE*: #1 Diamond Source 36 W. 47th St. New York, NY 10036

OFFICE HOURS: M - F (By Appointment)

* Selling at wholesale to the trade and retail to the public.

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