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About Natural Diamonds and Diamond Cutting

Diamonds are formed over a period of millions of years between 75 and 120 miles below the Earth's surface where the necessary temperature and pressure exist. Although explorers and scientists have discovered some deposits on most continents, commercial quality and quantities are found in only a few places. The first river-bed (alluvial) diamonds were probably discovered in India, in around 800 B.C. The European travelers visiting India for its diamond treasures used to transport diamonds from the India Mine to Europe for cutting. It is believed that the early diamond cutting styles originated in Europe.

The earliest reference to diamond cutting is in l550 in Antwerp, the most important diamond center of the period, where a diamond-cutters' guild was soon to be established. The early diamond cutters were unable to polish the rough diamonds. However, they found out that they could polish or grind diamonds into a point by polishing almost parallel to the rough surfaces. They also realized that only diamonds can cut diamonds so they used a wooden table covered with diamond dust to achieve polishing. This resulted in the "Rose Cut".AGS Ideal Diamond Proportions It was called the rose cut due to it's resemblance to the "Rose Bud". The rose cut came into existence in the early sixteenth century and was widely used through the eighteen century.

There were a few intermediaries that contributed to the present cutting style of the round brilliant cut. The "Old Mine Cut" and then the "old European cut" were more evident in the late eighteenth century until the early twentieth century.

They ultimately gave birth to the present ideal Round diamond cut and Fancy Brilliant shapes.


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About the Most Famous Diamonds in the World

Probably, the most famous diamond in the world is the 45.52 carat Hope Diamond, which is a deep-blue diamond from the 17th century. It has the highest estimated worth at $350 million and was bestowed to the Smithsonian Institute by Harry Winston in 1958.

The most valuable Diamonds

  1. Currently, the ‘Graff Pink’ diamond is the most ever paid for a diamond at auction. The 24.78 carat Fancy Intense pink diamond sold to Laurence Graff for $46 million in 2010 at Sotheby's Geneva.
  2. The 'Princie' pink diamond, a 34.65 carat pink diamond, was sold to an anonymous buyer for $39.3 million at Christie's New York in April 2013.
  3. 'The Orange', diamond fetched $35.54 million at Christie's Geneva in November (equal to an amazing $2.4 million per carat). Orange diamonds are considered one of the rarest colored gems in the world.
  4. A 9.75-carat fancy vivid blue diamond from the collection of Mrs. Paul “Bunny” Mellon sold for $32.65 million. At $3,348,205 per carat, it set a new world record total price paid for a blue diamond and is a new per-carat price world record.

About Our Loose Diamonds

We are diamond cutters, importers and jewelry manufacturers selling wholesale diamonds since 1991. We also custom re-cut, re-polish or repair diamonds to optimize their look and we can achieve ideal cut diamond proportions.

#1 Diamond Source sells loose diamonds at wholesale and all of our diamonds come with an independent lab certificate. Our diamonds are guaranteed to be conflict-free diamonds originating from ethical and socially responsible sources. And, we custom re-polish, repair or re-cut diamonds to optimize their look & value.

We are A+ rated members of the Better Business Bureau and are listed under "Diamonds" category in the BBB Accredited Business Buyer's Guide (2014).

GIA Excellent and AGS Ideal Cut Diamonds

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I must say, I really appreciate doing business with you. By far the best experience. Prompt replies and very good customer skills. Two of the best traits when purchasing something online. I have already told two of my friends about my purchase and how well you handled everything. You have gained my respect and I look forward to do business with you again in the future..." - Dan in CA



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