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Essential Guide to Buying Loose Diamonds Online

Be mindful when undertaking a major transaction over the internet, especially when making a significant purchase such as diamonds. Follow these essential guidelines to get the finest loose diamond at the best wholesale value while minimizing your risk.

Top Ten Diamond Buying Tips

  1. Know your Four Cs: There are four main factors which determine the value of a diamond. They are Carat weight (Size), Cut, Color, and Clarity. They are often referred to as the "4 Cs". Do some homework and learn these basic parameters so that you can make a well-informed diamond selection.
  2. Genuine Guidance: Be sure to work with knowledgeable individuals that have ample experience and the proper loose diamond grading education. Anyone can sell diamonds, so check out their credentials. A GIA Graduate Gemologist has the specialized knowledge to help you find a beautiful diamond within your budget and with the parameters that you indicate.
  3. Drop-ship: Many internet sellers act as brokers and drop-ship diamonds from another wholesaler straight to you without seeing it beforehand. It's best to buy your diamond directly from the wholesaler. And, make sure that your diamond is carefully examined by an in-house Gemologist prior to purchasing.
  4. Lab Certificate: Buy diamonds certified by reliable gemological laboratories such as GIA or AGS. GIA (Gemological Institute of America) introduced its Diamond Grading System in 1953 to assess the quality of each diamond. GIA is a non-profit organization that grades only natural loose diamonds and discloses any detected evidence of treatments on their Grading Report. Also, AGS is known for their precise standards and trustworthy grading system. They are well-known for their technical approach and comprehensive grading of diamond cut.
  5. Guarantees: Be sure your loose diamond purchase has a money back guarantee providing you ample time to inspect it (e.g., 30-days).
  6. Conflict-free: Your seller should also provide a “Conflict-free diamonds” guarantee stating that they originate from ethical and socially responsible sources.
  7. Integrity & Time-honored: Check how long they have been in business and in particular selling online. Read their customer feedbacks and check their online write-ups and ratings.
  8. Trade Legitimacy: A company may look genuine online, but in reality, it could end up being a fake. Only utilize highly rated Better Business Bureau members. Also look for members of the Jewelers Vigilance Committee,, etc.
  9. Shipping and Insurance: Seek sellers that offer free insured overnight shipping and provide an insurance appraisal (by a qualified GIA Graduate Gemologist).
  10. In-house Facility: Most places have the same readymade, pre-set engagement rings in stock for any diamond sold. It’s highly advantageous if they have an in-house facility to ensure custom matched side-stones and set your center loose diamond choice in the setting that you specify.

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